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  1. @Lee D or Nikon d7500 same problem with new or old photos on both cameras...
  2. @Lee D camera make and model -Nikon d850 I can do another screen recording if needed. I never had this problem in the past just with the new update 1.8.2 and doesn’t make since how landscape or horizontal orientation photographs upload just fine but portrait or vertical orientation are just a thumbnail 120px x 160px and upside down and very pixilated. it also says I’m viewing at over 800%.
  3. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could give me any advice with this problem. It works fine for photos that are in the horizontal orientation but any photo new or old I try to upload in the vertical or portrait orientation It will upload a fraction of the resolution, upside down and mirrored. I am not due for any updates and running the current 1.8.2 IMG_1919.MP4
  4. Looking for any help here πŸ™πŸ™ I shoot with a Nikon d850 and I shoot in nothing but raw but, every photo in portrait orientation I upload from my camera reel (on my iPad) will upload mirrored, upside down and low resolution 120x160px. I have no issues with this until yesterday. I have tried multiple simple solutions but not sure what could be happening. IMG_1899.MOV
  5. @Callum @Paul Mudditt I posted a video showing what’s happening. I tried to upload other photos from different memory cards I have edited in the past just fine but since yesterday they all upload into affinity mirrored, upside down and a fraction of the resolution. It’s puzzling how it is only the vertical photos and not all of them even on the same or different memory cards. They upload perfect into my photo reel on my iPad but from there to affinity there is a issue.
  6. @Paul Mudditt the file size should be over 8,000px x5000px not 120 by 160 seems to be uploading a preview but even so why mirrored and upside down? The file is a raw image taken on a full frame 50mp camera...I have uploaded thousands of pictures in the portrait (vertical orientation) and it has been fine until yesterday. Everything seems to be working normal besides vertical photos..
  7. @Callum it will only upload mirrored upside down and only resolution of 120px by 160px I have tried different cameras, restarting the program, and multiple other things. Every photo taken in the portrait or vertical will do this everything in the horizontal or landscape is fine.
  8. Hello, every time I upload a photo in the portrait orientation the photo will be super low resolution, mirrored and upside down... I thought it might have been a issue with how I captured the image, but I tried other cameras and the issue is still here. Any photos in the horizontal (landscape) orientation are fine. Not sure if I messed with a setting unintentionally or where the problem occurred. Any advice??πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
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