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  1. Here is pi "all one word" in a shape. Accomplished in InDesign. PCD_pi_Logo.afpub PCD pi Logo.tiff PCD pi Logo.indd
  2. Created what I want using InDesign; then imported in Publisher. Self promo.afpub PCD Logo.pdf PCD Logo.indd
  3. Thanks. This is not what I expected; but the results are satisfactory. Self promo.afpub
  4. Custom filler text placed in a shape converted to a text frame, is not visible. Test filler text in a shape.afpub
  5. John, you may be right; but let's take a vote.
  6. Poster design sample. Meeting April 8, 2021.pdf Meeting April 8, 2021.afpub
  7. Thanks for expounding on this. The blank background threw me off from what I expected. I might be able to change the background an easier way in ID or CorelDraw!. Could not ARRANGE>Move Inside with this method; but do not need to use it, as other methods work for me. Have a nice day.
  8. Can Publisher use the correct (typographers/straight) quotes where they belong? Test quotes.afpub
  9. Still can't get this method to work. Some step(s) must be missing. However, not really needed, as other methods work for me. test_image_placement.afpub
  10. Sorry; this does not seem to work. test_image_placement.afpub
  11. Here is the updated file. Meeting March 11, 2021.afpub
  12. Thanks, Carl for bringing this error to my attention. Attached are the corrected files, with the graphic embedded. Museum meeting March 11, 2021.pdf Meeting March 11, 2021.afpub
  13. Here is a new poster design. Meeting March 11, 2021.afpub Museum meeting March 11, 2021.pdf
  14. A poster, using the new Designer contour tool for the post number, with kerning applied. Best Post with contour 1148.afpub
  15. This will make operations work more smoothly. Appreciate your help. Regards.
  16. Can I save these preferences, so new docs always open this way?
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