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  1. Numbers before headings is checked but they are not visible.
  2. Sorry. I found it in the para panel; but still don't know about clicking on the ruler.
  3. Can't find tab stops by inserting the cursor & clicking the ruler or in the para panel.
  4. Very good. Changing the image above the text to a 0 value for bottom wrap, solved the problem.
  5. See attached. To ameliorate the IDML conversion riddle ("a mystery wrapped in an enigma"?) I’m experiencing, might it help to copy/paste all the pages into a new file; or, just try it & see? Sept 2021 Newsletter.afpub
  6. Straighten mode When activated, dragging on the page will orient the photo to align it with the drawn line. We recommend using a reference within your photo such as the horizon or the edge of a building. Děkuji za vaši pomoc.
  7. In Publisher. I will try the perspective tool, as you suggested,
  8. The footer on numbered page 3 is centered on the page. The master has it on the right. All other pages, using this master, are OK. Sept 2021 Newsletter.pdf
  9. How do you straighten the edges of a tilted photo? The crop tool did not work, so I reverted to CorelDRAW & copy/paste.
  10. OK. Now there are no page numbers. The text is very blurry. I changed the font size from 85 to 12 & alignment to left. Generate a TOC & see YOUR results.
  11. Here is a sample. The TOC, as generated, reflected an 85pt font size. copy Sept 2021 newsletter.afpub
  12. In ID, I can select the TOC page & use find/replace to remove the tabs.
  13. Found the setting to move the tab stops to the left, in the para panel. Still need to remove tabs manually?
  14. Found & check marked 'Numbers before headings.' How do you delete tabs, except by doing it manually? Find/replace does not work.
  15. OK. Had to checkmark each of the TSTs I'm using. Can you have the page number before the title? This is a nifty feature; I should have learned it long ago.
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