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  1. Just downloaded version 1.9 today and this hasn't been fixed yet. Coming up to a year now. 🙄 Worse thing is, it used to work... and all other programs support this basic interface functionality. Adobe XD --- Drag Photoshop -- Drag Figma --------- Drag or Mouse scroll wheel Drag or Mouse scroll wheel works in Pixel Persona with the Marquee tool, when trying to make a selection... Please can the devs restore it with the Move tool in Designer Persona. It's a pain trying to select multiple objects when the artboard doesn't move.
  2. Yeh it sounds trivial but definitely hinders the workflow when dealing with multiple art-boards at various lengths. @stokerg any confirmation on this from QA?
  3. Cheers @stokerg Hopefully it is unintended, as 2 bits of functionality have been removed.
  4. Hi @stokerg Thanks for replying. I've attached a screen recording of it not working on Window, with canvas purposely set to larger than normal. I'm using the Move Tool [V] to select and drag downwards and its not auto scrolling. You can also see that I can scroll using mouse wheel, however Select + Mouse Wheel does not work anymore. It might sound trivial but definetely affects work flow when dealing with multiple art boards with even more components. I can Confirm it did work in both Designer & Photo in previous versions e.g. V1.6 Update:
  5. When making a selection on the canvas and bringing my mouse down to the bottom, the document would auto scroll downwards allowing me to make additional selections as and when objects were revealed in view. Alternatively I used to be able to make a selection and use my mouse wheel to scroll the document. Both of the above features in the recent Affinity Designer for Windows update have appeared to stopped working V1.8 (just checked and can confirm this has also stopped working in Affinity Photo, however it worked in previous versions for both Photo & Designer)
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