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  1. Just as an aside, the power duplicate method should be a lot easier to do in the 1.6 versions, which (hooray!) now support using the rotation center in the Transform panel. So you just need to set that in the workspace for the first star, duplicate once, & enter the rotation value in the Transform panel for the duplicate. This means you can enter formulas like 360/13 (for 13 stars) directly in the rotate field, without having to do any math or worry about rounding errors for manually entered values.

    How or rather where do you set the rotation value for duplicate?

  2. Hi I was hoping for advice on how you would handle this work flow.

    I am doing frame by frame animation by drawing in Affinity photo and importing into animation software, png’s.
      My ink out lines are a certain thickness I would like to keep uniform from frame to frame. Is there a way in Affinity Photo to keep my brush setting so it can be returned to frequently? Thanks for any opinion.      
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