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  1. Pulling my hair out on this one. (And don't have that much left.)


    I want to slice up a layer from one layer into 6 peices.

    I have moved from Gimp to Affinity Design and Photo, for this I want to use Photo:


    What I used to do in Gimp:

    Marque select the section I want. copy.

    Then paste as new layer.

    Repeat for as many sections I needed. 

    How in the world do I do this in Affinity Photo?

    Masks have left me stupefied.

    There has to be a simpler way.

    Please tell me there is.


  2. Opening in Designer and checking doc setup color transparent does work but give me a jillion curves not what I want.


    This if for a UV map: Old pre Affinity work flow:In Gimp I would open the PDF  as a layer resize, then layer transparency to color (white) now I have just the black lines on a transparent background.

      Now using Affinity Photo I can place the pdf layer resize it then rasterize the pdf file then use filter color erase white paper. That gives me what I want. I was hoping there was a way to do this in Affinity Designer but I don't see a way so if I want vector work in my texture, I will have to edit in Designer from Photo. Correct?


    Thanks next episode : Seamless textures in Affinity Photo.

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