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  1. I get some crashes using continuous export in the export persona, and I don't want the constant update anyway.

    it is a PITA to have to use (open menu go to export open the export window go to the finder window choose the old version of the file then choose replace each time I want to resave (export the file) and The short cut key is ridiculous(.alt+shift+command+S )come on how about just export and the name of the file button like in Gimp. No windows opening one click two at most.

  2. Mac MacBook Pro 15 in.  OS X 10.9.5, Mid 2012

    Affinity 1.4.1 and Affinity Photo 1.4.1


    I can not figure out how to use masking. I am familiar with masking in AnimeStudio Pro 11.2 but I am stumped as how it is done in Designer.

    I want to use the lips as the mask to mask the teeth and tongue.
    So I can open and close the mouth. and also move the teeth and tongue  within the mask of the lips.
    How can this be done?
    Or Can it?
    The File:
  3. OK so Now I have the old Photo and Design the latest versions and the latest betas When will this madness end and get something that is workable and only one package for both Photo and Design? Sheese!!

    Anyway I have a bunch of brushes I can't believe that to move these among all the different experiments by Affinity (try getting things ready before you release them) I have to export each brush individually! Come on... There's got to be a better way.


    If they (Affinity) would refund my money I would go back to Gimp in a heartbeat.

  4. Does "in any app" mean you can't enter text even in TextEdit? I had a similar behaviour in a other app where a modal window was open but laying behind the visible window. The used app seems to have died but wasn't. Other apps worked fine.


    Maybe this bug is related to a hidden dialog or something like this? Just guessing ...


    Best, Tom

    Happens with any app with any text input. Old version no problems. Maybe this bug is related to a hidden dialog or something like this? Just guessing ...No idea what this is like I said only happens with the new updates,they are causing it.!!

  5. Yes changing to sRGB color worked but I still have the strange typing problem, I just now opened the App Photo and before doing anything I can now type as you are seeing. Now I will go and open a project.... be back ok so far so good.... now to place an image.....No typing was able here or anywhere including trying to start a new image the size field was unable to be typed into. I was able to type in a file name to save the file and one to export but when I went to New I could not again type in the size fields or type here until I quit the Affinity Photo App.[ This typing problem is the same for the latest versions of Affinity and Design]

    Hope you can figure this one out. below is the setting without black opening for me anyway:


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