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  1. Thank you, Walt. This is good to know. Is there anything else you would suggest to allow the file to appear, Walt?
  2. When I open the file in Microsoft Notepad, I see "%PDF-1.5" listed at the top. Is this what you mean, Walt? My apologies, I'm a newbie.
  3. v_kyr, can you explain what you mean by "we don't know how the Ai file looks like"? This source Ai file was sent to me from an artist I had work a drawing done with. He sent the jpegs and pngs of the art but I need it in AI to be able to scale the artwork with a transparent background. Do you suggest getting information from him on how he saved the file? Is there anything else you would suggest?
  4. Someone recently sent me an .Ai file and after downloading it and opening it in Affinity Designer, I was met with a blank page. No layers are listed either. I had the person resend it and they said the file is fine on their end and the new file they sent also showed a blank screen. I'm using the most up to date version of affinity designer. Does anyone know why this is?
  5. Hello. I'm attempting to upload art made in Affinity Designer to Teespring. I export as a PNG, Resample: Bilinear and don't resize the image larger when creating my listing. After creating the listing, the preview looks pixelated. Other shops don't have this pixelation problem on their product pages. I'm concerned about the quality of the shirt. Their design tips say to turn off anti-aliasing in Illustrator. Can I achieve a similar result in Designer to prevent pixilation of a printed product? I see an export option for nearest neighbor but I don't fully understand this or if it will allow my design to be printed with high quality. The artwork are vectors and they are only pixelated when uploaded to the shop. What would you suggest?
  6. Hello, I created a background with a gradient in Affinity Photo. In the doc and when exported, I and someone on a separate computer I shared the image to can also see the banding on the image. I tried: exporting as a JPEG, PNG, PNG-8, and converting the file format to RGB/16 and RGB/32 (HDR). RGB/16 seemed to smooth the image more but there were still bands in the image. I also tried remaking the background in RGB/32 but the background did not turn out. The image is 1920 x 1080 300 DPI How can I remove the bands or export the image without the bands?
  7. Hi everyone, Before I updated Affinity Designer, I noticed this weird issue pop up. Layers of my artwork or the entire artwork will stay selected purple even if I click off all the layers or Ctrl + D to deselect everything. This happens on my other artwork too. Initially, it looks normal but when I select any layer and click off, everything goes purple as if its all selected and its stuck like that. I've tried closing down the program and restarting. I've updated to the latest version. I've tried Ctrl + D. Any help is much appreciated. :)
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