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  1. Sean P, I have also, just this moment, come across the very same issue. I tried to move all the elements from the original file (which was created pre update) to a fresh file but to no luck; the issue followed me over to the new location. Trying to isolate the issue, I began deleting different element until I discovered that the cause of the issue lied with the images that had been imported through the in-built 'Stock' tool. Removing them, I was able to fix the issue. Edit: I should also add, this only happened after I copied the original file to a new location, changed its name, and then tried to save changes to that new file. Going back to the old file, I am able to save change it it without issue. Hopefully this help fix the bug. All the best, Triston
  2. When one tries to adjust the size of the margins and column gutter within the "Guides Manager" window one is capped at 400px. The problem seem to be limited only to that window, as one is able to exceed the limit (at least for the margins) by using the "Document Setup" window instead. OS: Windows 10 Version: Designer 1.8
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