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  1. @emmrecs01 It now appears to have resolved itself, somehow! Yesterday I tried the same steps with a different image and got the same result, and then again today I repeated the process and got the same result once more, but after trying it one last time with the original image and brush settings... Everything worked perfectly. I’ve now tried it with a handful of images and several different brushes since then and it has worked exactly as intended every time. I have not installed any program or system updates in the time since it first started happening, nor have I changed any settings anywhere in the program, so I have no idea what was causing it or why it’s stopped... But all’s well that ends well, I guess! Thank you for your help!
  2. Designer v1.8.0.585 on Windows 10 Pro v1909 -- Ctrl+Z causes program to become fully unresponsive. Replicate with the following steps: 1. Open preexisting .jpg file 2. Select vector brush 3. Draw any curve 4. Press Ctrl+Z on keyboard At this point, the cursor can move freely but the program does not respond to any mouse clicks or key presses and has to be closed via task manager.
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