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  1. Thank you Gabe for your efforts and help with this problem, both are very much appreciated. Kindest regards, Nick
  2. success... I was able to drag and drop two RAW files, same subject. Landscape orientation works perfectly in Affinity. The Portrait orientation is the problem. It is not just this file, it is all Portrait orientation files. Thank you for your interest. Nick DSC_1920.nef DSC_1921.nef
  3. The file upload failed. Is there an email address that I may use? Also, the files are over 8mb each and the info on the fail notice indicates 2.6mb... Thank you, Nick. Files are 48mb each not 8mb as previously indicated.
  4. P-Mac, Thank you for the information. I will have time to try tomorrow morning and will advise. Also, I am totally new here on the forum, hopefully I am responding in the correct manner. Kindest regards, NikonNick
  5. When importing RAW from a Nikon Z7 , the landscape orientation imports perfectly, the portrait orientation is not correct. I am using an iPad Pro 12.9 iOS 13.4 running Affinity 1.8.2. The portrait orientation imports as low resolution RGB with the image transposed left to right, it does not open into the develop persona. These files work correctly when using other applications that develop RAW.
  6. I have solved my issue. Had inadvertently set camera to record raw and jpeg fine simultaneously. Thank you...
  7. Unable to load Raw files from a Nikon Z7. This is a new issue for me, was able to load many files previously. Error message attached. Please help. Thank you...
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