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  1. L.S., I recently wrote a small script to extract positioning information from Encapsulated Postscript files exported by Affinity Designer. To be precise, the script detects occurrences of text strings that start with a period, extracts the location of the period together with the text string itself, and converts this to code that can be used in LaTeX so that e.g. mathematical formulas (typeset in LaTeX) can be overlaid on top of the encapsulated postscript figure. See https://github.com/xot/adoverpic for the script (with more elaborate documentation). The tool heavily relies on the fact that Affinity Designer, when exporting Encapsulated Postscript, puts a comment containing the actual text string in the EPS file before writing the corresponding curve drawing code, the first line of which contains the coordinates where the first character in the string must be drawn. My request is simply this: please do not change the way Affinity Designer exports Encapsulated Postscript! [A bolder wish would be that Affinity Designer would add a feature that allows certain object - e.g. text strings - be marked as special. Such special objects should not be exported to graphics output formats like .eps, .pdf etc., but instead their coordinates and metadata (eg the text string itself) should be exported to a text-based document format (json, xml).]
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