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  1. I tried to export a PDF - ready to be sent off to my print shop... I was lucky to have really, really carefully inspected the produced PDF, because it was full of errors. It looks like Affinity Designer 1.8.1 (App Store version) I can't really be trusted anymore. The file looks fine, but exporting or printing on my local laser printer is now often not reliable and produces strange glitches. Not sure if this is related to the boolean operations bug - but it looks related to me... I have attached a reduced file to show you the error looks fine in Affinity print dialog already shows glitches pdf opened in PDF viewing app with glitches Affinity file with problems M Error.afdesign
  2. Not only for Compounds, also normal Boolean operations do not work anymore. In this example, it even converted a sharp edge into a curve: UnionProblem.afdesign
  3. Same problem - but it might by an update issue: I had a look in "Preferences" and in Performance section you see "Undo Limit". Mine was set to "0". I guess in previous versions this meant: unlimited undo? Now I had to pull the slider to the right and undo is back. It looks like you can't set it below 8 in Affinity Designer 1.8.
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