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  1. That solved it Walt. I copied it to a new file then added 2 blank pages then moved the content on to the new pages and deleted the old one. So now I can go ahead and complete this first part. Many thanks for you prompt and accurate support. Cheeers Charles
  2. Hi Walt Thanks for the prompt reply. That is the text alignment sorted out - cheers for that! The page numbering though is proving more difficult as these two pages are using the same Master as all the other and I can't see where they are different - any other thoughts on that? It is my first time using Publisher so there is maybe something I have done differently on these pages but I just can't see what.
  3. Hello Just in the middle of creating an autobiography in Publisher and it is going well but have two problems. Text alignment: I have a Chapter heading which is 'left aligned' and beow that is some txt which is 'centered' the following paragraphs are 'full width' aligned. Everything has been working well except for one Chapter where I can't seem to separate the 'centre aligned' text from the following paragraph. If I centre the subheading the following paragraph adopts the same style. See attached screen shot. I am sure I am doing something wrong as all the other chapters have worked out fine. Also, I have one rogue page number which is displaying on the left side of a right hand page (see screen shot). All the other page numbers throughout the document as fine. I can't delete it or select it to change the alignment. Apart from these small problems I am very impressed with Publisher Any thoughts on thes points will be appreciated. Cheers Charles
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