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  1. its happening on ALL objects, text curves ect, on all files and does not change when shut down application and open it back up. Its like a setting somewhere?? As you can see objects change to any other colour?? Screen_Recording_2020-03-02_at_16_05_41.mov
  2. is there any reason that white would stop working? It shows on the colour wheel yet when set to white on the wheel the item will turn black/ grey even though all other colours show as normal?? using affinity designer beta on mac. thanks!!
  3. Im trying to use the magnet lasso tool to remove the background of a photo. The tool is great until it comes to joining the ends together! I literally can NEVER get the two ends to connect and therefore delete the shape ive just made. Any tips? Im using Affinity Designer on Mac.
  4. have now also downloaded a windows trial and opened the document on this. As soon as it was opened it went to not responding. out of ideas now!!
  5. affinity is now running so slowly i can not make any changes to any documents as the lag is so bad! I have plenty of ram on my mac and so am really at a loss to why im having such major issues as ive used this program for years and never experience issues until the last few weeks. Any ideas on how to get round this gratefully accepted. I have tried restarting program and mac as well as the program and working on smaller files - all to no avail!
  6. i don't know if the file size is maybe too large; however i've been trying to use layers to add a section to a plan. not only is my laptop running incredibly slowly, i literally cannot click on any element on the page and affinity has also opened an <embedded> file which reopens every time i try to quit it. Please help!!
  7. Hi! Im using affinity on Mac. Heres a screen recording of me trying to export. As you'll see its not loading as normal or giving me saving options. Thanks for your help! Screen_Recording_2020-02-11_at_16_42_38.mov
  8. im having difficulty saving or exporting documents. When i go to do this nothing happens... the document is not exported, the loading bar does not appear and no option to name the new file. any ideas what i can try? Thanks!
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