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  1. I have recently invested in Affinity designer and chosen to use it as my main tool for producing graphics artwork. Unfortunately, the program seems to to have issues when used with an external touch screen. ALL MY SOFTWARE IS UP TO DATE my mac is updated, so is my Cintiq and needless to say, my copy of Affinity designer. I have followed instructions to stop updates from Apple that interferes with the touch screen connection as well. On starting up, everything works just fine and I can use the touch screen with the software. After about 5 minutes, there is an increasing delay on every order to the point where editing curves becomes a nightmare. Another 15 minutes of use, and the touch input stops working completely, the only input that still communicates with the software is the pen that comes with the tablet. As it is possible, if somewhat slower and more cumbersome, work can carry on without touch input. But as I stubbornly try to finish the artwork, more functions start to play up or stop to work completely. I have read on this forum that this exact problem existed 2017, and there was no resolution offered from Affinity designer then, maybe now three years later the program developers can take another look at this issue as it is vital to the drawing functions. Touch screens are the future for graphics, it is about time to sort this out. thank you.
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