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  1. I had the perfect program that I was using, It was called Aperture for Mac. Aperture was designed for professional photographers and it was great. Apple decided to stop supporting Aperture so that ended. Apple Photos caters to iPhone and casual pictures of kids birthdays. Then I started and have been using the Nikon software that has a real professional work flow as it is designed for large photoshoots. However recently, either due to OS Catalina or the last version of Capture NX-D. It will no longer retain edits even though it creates an .xmp file for that image. I am in a conversation with Nikon at this time and so far they have been real responsive. But the problem has not been resolved yet. So now I have a 320 image modeling photoshoot to edit and I am trying to adapt to Corel Aftershot Pro 3. With that program I can see thumbnails in the bottom and I do not have to open and close and I can copy and paste to RAW files. However I am also in a conversation with Corel as there is an update or newer version of the program that the updater is broken and Apple Updater will not let it run. Corel is problematic and not good with customer service. ....... I want My Aperture back. LOL. The big problem I have with Corel Aftershot Pro is that it does not support Maps which Affinity does. So when I come back from a photo safari and I have geotagged my pictures, I need to know where I took the pictures.
  2. Hi All, Thank you for all your comments. Unfortunately for me I have to be able to copy and past settings as in RAW processing. I do modeling series with measured Color Temperature and sharpening among other settings that I have to copy and paste to each of my images. I can shoot up to 400 images in one session. I bought Affinity without knowing that it was not a photo production tool that is more designed for someone who only takes one or two pictures. The work flow in Affinity is just to clunky and time consuming. I think I wasted my money. I shoot strictly RAW and only use JEPG for what it is intended. JPEG is used for a web viewing and transmission file only. All my prints are from RAW and uncompressed TIFF. Thank you all again.
  3. Once I have what balance and other settings in "Develop", How can I save or copy those settings to apply to the next image for develop?
  4. How can I display thumbnails in the bottom of the works space so I do not have to open and close each file? Opening and closing each file takes way to much time when editing hundreds of images from a photo shoot. I do not see any indication of this ability in the help area. RJ
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