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  1. I have 1.7.3 trial. It's very confusing. It's not Apple nor Adobe. The menu shortcuts are minor as we can change them but navigation and selection should match the OS and it's not something we can change. I'm looking for option → to move the text insertion point one word right, etc. I can't change that; it has to be baked in. I hope 1.8 has that fixed
  2. So the Page Preset isn't a Page but a canvas size or is that term used and I missed that? Thanks for the reply.
  3. Thanks. Yes they are and the tool fills the font stroke, not the whitespace as described above. This is the solution. It breaks the inner path from the outer path then the inner shape can be filled. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  4. I searched the site and faq without luck. I have an outlined font that I want to fill the whitespace with a gradient. I tried converting the typed text to curves and it appears to have made a single bezier line through the entire glyph (take a C and put a line on the surrounding the inner continuing to the outer edge and then close the C to an O keeping the lines). So, it's treating the text strokes as fill-able but not the whitespace. The attached how do I fill outlineed font with a gradient.pdf shows it well Is there an way without converting to bitmaps (yuck)? Thanks❗️
  5. Create new doc in A10 size on US English macOS. Fill entire document with rectangle filled with other than white. Print document to PDF (preview). PDF document size will be Letter and not A10 as there's an enormous amount of whitespace and tiny rectangle of color..
  6. Create a text block and put some words in. While still editing that, the Mac defines option-arrows to move the insertion point by words and by extension option-shift-arrows. (Windows ctrl-arrows). It appears you remapped control to command which is incorrect. Command-arrows means move to the end of the line. Option-↑↓ is beginning/end of paragraph respectively though I can't see a lot of use here. I can't fix this using the keyboard control panel and find it extremely aggravating. If I'm at work, my brain thinks Windows. I can't handle 30 years using a Mac and it not working like a Mac. M
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