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  1. I was going to use an inserted photo (I took on my phone) of some tulips in order to make my own color palette. The colors in the original photo that I wanted to use in my Palette were red, yellow and green. I did something, I don't know what, that turned my entire original imported photo into an odd shade of Red???? The original imported photo is now changed to only One color, and it's an Unusual Shade of Red that wasn't even there before ???? The yellows and greens in the original photo are gone. If anyone knows what I did to create this, please let me know
  2. Q1: I can't Drag to Select multiple ellipses (each is on its own layer). Is this something in my Snapping Settings? Q2: at the Bottom pop up menu when move tool is active are the following choices: Add to selection; select under; select inside; about center; and then 6 more small icons -- what are these for??? here is what my current Snapping settings are: Note that under Document> Snapping: there are these settings: (is this why I can’t drag/select multiple objects?) Enable Snapping is turned OFF Force Pixel Alignment is turned OFF Preset is set to Custom Candidates is set to Candidates List (greyed out as Enable Snapping is OFF) Show Snapping Candidates is OFF Max Candidates is set to 6; Tolerance is set to 8 Force Pixel Alignment is OFF Move by whole pixels is Blue (ON) Only snap to visible layers is ON Snap to grid is OFF Snap to Guides is ON Snap to Spread is ON Include Spread Midpoints is ON Snap to shape keypoints is OFF Snap to layer geometry is OFF Snap to layer bounding boxes turned ON Include box midpoints: ON Snap to gaps and sizes: OFF
  3. I am in a document and used the rectangle tool to make a new second artboard but it is coming out Transparent. How do I change the color of an artboard once I am already inside a document? I also tried using the drag a rectangle method but still my first artboard is white and the second one is showing transparent?????? is this a bug in my app???? thank u! P.S. I am super new to Affinity so maybe this question is obvious but I cant find it
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