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  1. Wonderful! Thank you all for the help. I figured that it would require a workaround like this, just wasn't sure what the best option would be. Thanks so much for the step by step explanation too, that's super helpful! Much appreciate the assistance!
  2. Hi all! Still fairly new to the software and designs, so please excuse the newbie question: Is it possible to somehow make layers loop back around? I'm trying to work with this image (originally an svg) in Designer, but with the layers it currently looks like this: Is there a way to make the top most layer loop around and basically be placed underneath the bottom most layer in order to close the spiral? If not, are there workarounds anyone can offer me to make my flower look a little less dilapidated :D Thanks!
  3. Ah, that makes sense! I guess I should take a closer look at all my keybindings, then I would've realised that Thanks for clarifying!
  4. This was the issue! It was set to normal, but the opacity there was set to 80%. THAT is something I didn't look at (still fairly new to the program :D), since I didn't realise you could adjust that as well. It seems that I have this hotkeyed somewhere and sometimes fat-finger it, which makes me struggle with random awkward transparency. Don't I feel sheepish Thanks for the help!!!
  5. Hi, I've tried searching for this, but was unable to find any help regarding this particular subject. I've put vector images into my work in Designer (either drawn by myself or downloaded from elsewhere) and sometimes I have the issue that the fill is somehow transparent. There is no layer effect, the opacity is set to 100% and the transparency tool hasn't been used. I'm currently struggling with an item that should technically be fully black, but is slightly gray and transparent and I can't figure out why or how to make it not be doing that. I appreciate any help!
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