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  1. Hi, Well, I've been keeping raw files for some time now, not because of this issue, but because of my camera change where converting saves almost nothing. But yeah, better safe than sorry. Thanks for response!
  2. Hi, I'm not aware of any other DNG converters. Tried to google some without success. Can You suggest any? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, Not sure if "upping" a thread is OK here, but are there any news? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I was using Adobe DNG converter. Thanks! RAW_FUJI_S5PRO_V106.dng
  5. Oh, I've misread what You wrote. You didn't convert the RAF file to DNG. Probably, my top post wasn't clear. I just thought that from screenshots is was clear that I can open RAF files just fine, but not the DNG. But thanks anyway!
  6. That is weird. I tried multiple combinations of different DNG versions and still ended up with the same issues. Is it possible that You can share Your converted DNG file somehow with me to check it? On to the question why do I need that intermediate step - storage. I have quite large number of photos and the space saving is quite big. Like more than two times in total. And I do not have original anymore. I see that You are just a member and not an Affinity representative. Thanks for taking Your time!
  7. Hi, Was not able to find the same issue, only somewhat related with raw photos being opened with purple tint. Basically the issue is written in the title. To elaborate - when Fuji S5pro raw file (RAF) is converted to DNG using Adobe DNG converter and then opened in Affinity Photo, one can see that colors are way off. Below one can see a screenshot of freely available RAF file from here Fuji raw files and a converted to DNG one: One can also see that DNG has one pixel less horizontally. Tried opening DNG in open source RawTherapee and it opens the same as RAF. Meaning that there is definitely some issue with Affinity Photo here. It is the same in Affinity Photo 1.8 beta. Hoping that will be fixed. Thanks in advance!
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