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  1. Hello Guys, I'm working on a project and was looking for a way to export it as a pdf so it would be uneditable. On Illustrator I could set a password but it doesn't seem like Publisher has that feature.. I tried to flatten my file while exporting (300dpi to keep my images sharp) but the pdf was unreasonably large - over 50mo.. When I flatten my file with 72dpi, the pdf is 5mo but the images are super blurry.. The pdf size once flatten is like 5times larger than the pdf exported with editable layers, this is super confusing.. When I tried other export options, like export as a pdf (for export), my file is 11mo, images are sharp but the pdf is still editable.. Is there a way to have my pdf to be the smallest possible, get sharp images and be uneditable ?
  2. Thanks guys. @Jimmy - this is actually a very clever way to do it. Unfortunately, AD still misses the "select same" feature that would allow me to select all my lines (as there are other stuff going on the artboard). Guess I'll still use Ai, hoping Affinity will release new features in futur updates.
  3. Yeah this works but I'm looking for an automated way to do it, as I have hundreds if not thousands of circles to place..
  4. Hello guys, I'm currently testing out the Affinity suite and I have to say, I'm fairly impressed so far. I'm really considering making the jump and say goodbye to Adobe. However, there are still some functionalities I use daily that are still missing. From what I've seen, the selection feature to include "Select > same > ..." is something people really want too. I really hope this will arrive soon. Anyway, I wanted to ask you guy if you knew how I coud do to put an ellipse at the center of a line ? I have multiple separate lines and need to put a small circle in the middle of each. On Illustrator, I'd just select a line, "select > same appearance" to select all the lines and "Convert to shape > ellipse". These 2 features don't seem to be available on Affinity. Any ideas how to do that ?
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