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  1. Thanks @SPaceBar, I have uploaded the file with the error :- Logo 1 Mockup - Rev2 - Slices error.afdesign Have also uploaded another file without the content but with the artboards and the slices :- Logo 1 Mockup - Rev2 - Slices error-content removed - empty artboards.afdesign I thought maybe the contents on the artboard were creating an issue, but even the empty file has the error
  2. Thanks for your offer for the dropbox folder link - I will be able to share the error causing document with you via dropbox. I wonder if a video can help, as the only thing that happens with the file with the error is; the Affinity designer UI freezes when the Slices panel is opened/touched, when I open the Windows task manager the crashpad handler .exe is busy at work - attached a screenshot I tried downgrading to Affinity designer 1.8.4 - the error document behaves in the same fashion (freezes on opening slices panel). I experimented with completely new files - Below are the
  3. Hi, My first time creating a topic on this forum, please excuse any errors / oversights. Today I encountered this error on Affinity Designer on Windows 10. I had 6 artboards in a file. I created slices and exported jpegs and closed the file. Later on when modifications were done to some of the artboards and ready for exporting slices again, the file kept on crashing when the slices panel was opened. On searching the forums for similar issues reported by others, I came across this (and other similar) thread(s):- I think this issue was addressed earlier, but has r
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