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  1. I'm working on a MacBook Air with Affinity Designer 1.7.3. I have created a fairly large Affinity Designer file, in large part through stupid/lazy decisions that I didn't keep track of. I have been meaning to go in and simplify the file but before I could I seem to have hit a limit that Affinity Designer can't open the file. I last successfully opened When I try to open it, the readout says "loading one document" for hours. Meanwhile the recorded amount of free storage space on my Macbook gets smaller and smaller as the "System" block grows. The file I'm trying to open is 117.8MB but the System block will continue to grow until it takes up the 140GB I have free in my storage - I've included a screenshot of the system storage part-way through this process - the light grey block is the space that Affinity Designer is taking up. Then Affinity Designer will quit without an error message, presumably because it's run out of space. My last two successful opens of this file were 2 September and 6 September (I suppose that could be relevant because on 6 September I was able to open the file, but maybe on that date I changed something that prevented the file from being open-able whereas on 2 September presumably both open and save worked fine). Could be something to do with the 1.7.3 version released in September? Would really appreciate any help here - I am going to be changing this project to be MUCH smaller thanks to Affinity Publisher but unless I can open this file I'll have to recreate a LOT of this project.
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