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  1. Again, thanks for the info. I truly appreciate you taking the time to respond...
  2. I may have spoken a bit too early... The Live Procedural Texture works like a charm on my older Mac laptop (mid-2012 i7), but I recently purchased a mid 2018 i9 running Mojave (and Apple's Metal). After opening a 32-bit EXR document; making a couple of adjustments with 32-bit Preview; and the adding the Non-Linear to Linear layer; and finally exporting the image is now much darker. Thoughts?
  3. Thank you very much for your assistance! After going through all the info you provided I now understand the "how" and most importantly, the "why".
  4. Unfortunately, it brightens (and looses contrast) the image significantly when I convert it to RGB/16.
  5. When I tried "Save As", it still saves it a .afphoto. I do not see a convert option in the menu...
  6. I am very new to AP, but I am a long-time PS CS6 user. I brought a 32-bit EXR image into AP, made a number of adjustments and now I would like to convert it a 16-bit image (as seen on the 8-bit monitor). I duplicated the layers, then merged the duplicate layers, copied the new merged layer, and finally created a new image from the clipboard, but it destroys the image. I have tried using tone mapping to correct, but that approach doesn't work. I guess I am missing something in the documentation somewhere. Some assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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