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  1. hello, i have the same problem and ordering layers doesn't change anything, any reason for this ? any other way to force the order ? i think it's quite messy. we should not have to do anything to make it's works properly. the TOC should scan the doc from top to bottom, no matter layers order or something
  2. Hi again, yes the app have crashed during a save then corrupted it, thank you for your help, it's works well now
  3. hello sorry for the late send, i didn't receive the notify email, I sended the file thank you
  4. hi, this make the asset panel works again so the problem seems to be a corrupted asset.propcol file is it possible to repair it ? we have many assets that I hope we will not loose thanks
  5. Hello Publisher crashed when i was trying to save some assets to my assets collections. Now i cant acces anymore to my assets, as Publisher crash everytime i try to show them (it freeze and nothing happened, even after 2hours of wait) I have an important project to export for monday evening, please let me know how i can access my assets to complete the file bests
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