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  1. I have a PNG logo (1320x651) that I need to shrink to be only 300x300 to display on a jumbotron at a hockey game. How do I do this without the image getting blurry?
  2. thank you I can see that you can print in booklet form, but I am exporting to PDF for a printer. I was wondering ig it did so automatically. thanks for the help
  3. I have done a quick search on this and I don't know if I am just not looking properly, or if I'm just not asking the question right. I am looking to make a programme for a hockey game that will be printed on 11x17 paper and then folded in half to make a 8.5x11 booklet. So when I use facing pages, It shows the programme will look but I always have to rearrange before sending to printer so that when they print the pages, they are correctly done so when they are all stacked and then folded in half to make the 8.5x11 booklet the pages are in sequence. Is there a command that does this for me? Or do we just need to rearrange before exporting pdf.
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