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  1. Hello, sorry I can't send the files since it's confidential work. I tried using the default settings and after tweaking it a little the SVG was broken. If you open the SVG file itself it works fine, the problem is when I copy the code from the SVG to paste it in HTML. It looks like the clip-path it's all wrong and a small part of the svg gets cut.
  2. Hello guys, I bought Affinity Designer to do web related work. Basically, I use it to create and export files, mostly SVGs when working with vectors. The idea is, exporting the SVG, taking the SVG code and paste it in the HTML code so we can mess around with the SVG coloring with mouse hovers, etc. The problem is, for multiple times the SVG code exported from Affinity doesn't work right. Sometimes the SVG are cut in a small portion, bugged in some browsers like Safari, etc. Which it's a pain because I used Illustrator for this and the codes generated by it always worked fine.
  3. Hello, Sometimes I use Affinity Design to export SVGs to use at the web. Basically, I copy the code generated (like I used to do with AI), but for some reason the codes generated by Affinity Design are bugged on Safari.
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