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  1. Hello your supporters, I had some free time now and tried again to cut out a rectangular area from a picture. Despite all the tips I could not realize this simple function, that I cut out a part of an image and insert it as a new image. The best would be if someone would be willing to make a mini video so that I can reproduce it without any doubt. I would be very grateful for that. Thanks for your help And Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020 Guenter
  2. HI, Thanks for the information. The layer is activated. The problem is unchanged. If I remove the check mark at the layer the whole image is gone. If I activate the layer again ( check mark ON ), the image is back again. If I then use the Cut function again, no frame can be opened. The empty area appears immediately. I really can't find a solution for a working cut out. Thanks for your help. Guenter
  3. Hi, I am a beginner and have loaded an image and wanted to cut out a part of the image and paste it back into an empty document. That should be the simplest requirement ever. BUT what I expected doesn't happen with the following steps: 1. I load a picture 2. go to Cut out 3. open a new document 4. go to Insert. Instead of the cut out part of the image appearing in the new image, only an empty area is shown. I have tried this at least 4 times with different images. It is always the same result. Who can tell me what I am doing wrong. Thank you for your support. Guenter
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