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  1. I'm just getting started with Designer and I'm hoping to get some help editing a shape and keeping it symmetrical while I do that. Take this shape, for example: What I want is to either be able to hit some button, define a center line, and wind up with something like this: I can do this with a bad workflow of copying, pasting, flipping, and joining after the fact, but that does a really bad job of letting me know if what I'm making is even going to look decent when it's been mirrored. What I really want is something where I can define some center line, across which all nodes are mirrored in real time while I edit the shape. Or maybe I can just select some nodes and link them across a center line so not everything is symmetrical, only things I want to be. All of the tutorials I'm seeing online are using the shape join method that I can't seem to get to work for me consistently, but I'm hoping that someone here knows of a better way.

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