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  1. Well I am surprised that Apple Photos Extensions are set under com.seriflabs.affinityphoto. container. I think I read somewhere that under those folders just Seriflabs could add data but I was wrong. Thanks for clarifying.
  2. @h_d Thanks but I just want to say, in my home user account I have more application containers under ~/Library/Containers/ than those listed in the article. That's why I say it is not complete, Affinity users do need another article with clear and complete paths to backup and restore. Thanks ls ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.* /Users/user/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner: Container.plist Data /Users/user/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto: Container.plist Data /Users/user/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.AffinityExtension: C
  3. Sorry @h_d but I do not see all all folders listed under ~/Library/Containers/ in that file shared by @walt.farrell. So the list is not updated. Thanks.
  4. Thank you all. I am surprised that Affinity does not have a updated page with all these urls that we need to restore the applications package after a clean OS install or to a package backup. So everything that we need to restore are on those paths, correct me if I am wrong. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi walt.farrell, Thanks for your reply, It point me the right direction but I saw many other folders in ~/Library/Containers/ Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi, Is there any article that explains how to backup Affinity applications settings and add-ons ? I need to locate the paths that keep all the add ons and preferences that I need to restore the application on a new system to avoid download all the add-ons and setting up Affinity Store. Thanks.
  7. I did logout from MAS and login and I still can not see the application on Updates tab but they are in the Account Purchased items I am trying to download them and see how it works. Thanks
  8. Well I see that I have Affinity Publisher in Serif Store and Designer & Photo in MAC. I would like to move Designer and Photo to Affinity Store but unfortunatly it´s not possible. What about MAS, why can we I get Affinity Photo 1.9 update ? How can I connect the application with the Affinity Store account ? Thanks
  9. Hello everybody, I still can not get this update in MAS, anybody knows why ? MAC OS 10.15.4 I take a look and Affinity Design is in version 1.9.0 maybe it was a auto-update. Affinity Photo is still in 1.8.4 Affinity Publisher is 1.7.1 In Publisher I have a menu to check for updates and it detects the new updade. Anybody knows why Affinity Photo and Publisher do not list in MAS updates ? Thanks
  10. Hi Sean P Correction: When I was tying with Designer v 1.7.2 I didn't knew that we need to change "Page Box" settings so it look to be my fault. Now it places as (Linked Document) not as (embedded document) that I was expecting. And no color bars that should be correct and also no document information. Just cropping marks and registration marks. Is this correct ? Thanks
  11. Hi markw I think the problem is because I export the previous pdf with Designer 1.7.2 and I update yesterday to 1.7.3 If I do the export with the new version I got it correctly. I do not find any other explanation I also try the pdf with and without layers.
  12. Hi markw, Thanks a lot for your answer, but the funny thing is that I have a pdf with colour bars and this feature remove the colour bars but left the empty space. So the pdf is not centered in the box. Is there any way to avoid this ? Thanks
  13. Designer 1.7.2 When using Embedding documents if I place a PDF (File>Place) with crop-marks instead getting a (embedded document) I get a (Linked Document) and without cropping marks. Previouse versions did this and I need it to make a A3 with many business cards with individual crop marks. So I think it´s a bug but if not a bug how can I do it now ? Thanks
  14. So it seams that it´s taking too much time to be fixed this issue that affects all users that want to print the artboards. I will nice that we are able to customize the font type and size for Artboards and have an option to include the when printing. Thanks anyway for your answer.
  15. Hi, I do love Affinity products but this bug is very annoying and with it I can not print a quality art-boards page. The font does not show correctly please take a look in the attached image. I already saw other post with this issue but after some updates I still have the sane problem with art-boards font type. Is there any fix ? Thanks
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