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  1. When I downloaded, I was able to go Import from Cloud and then it opened with no problem. It seemed apple made an update with Files, and that might have been the issue.
  2. I was finally able to open the document, and one of the following might have allowed me to do it: 1. I rebooted my iPad - no brainer, but I'm not sure this worked 2. I actually opened the main Files app and I was able to download from there. I would try both options.
  3. It seems like an issue with the Files app. I can't open a .afphoto file between MacOS and iPadOS also. I had not issue before.
  4. It definitely is nice and convenient, but it occurred to me that if it was removed for any reason, then I wouldn't have access.
  5. Hi, I created a .afdesign file on my desktop version of Designer. I just downloaded Designer for iPad and can't open the file. I tried to copy the vectors to a new doc and even made a Photo version and save them, and still can't upload. Has anyone run into the same issue?
  6. But, through your store, would you have a standalone application download? That occurred to me as soon as I bought Publisher. It was a bummer because I bought all three apps from the Apple App Store, and realized they can be removed anytime. Wish, I would have bought through the Affinity Store.
  7. HI Affinity, I bought all desktop apps through the Mac App Store. In fact, I just bought Publisher (it is great!!!). But, it occurred to me that I'd prefer to have a downloadable version. Is there a way I can download the apps through the Affinity Store? Thanks, Josh
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