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  1. I've noticed that when you resize an image in APhoto, the resized image has a 1-2 pixel 'halo' that's partially transparent. In Photoshop, contrariwise, resizing an image leaves the background layer without any such 'halo'. How can I get Affinity Photo to do a resize without that annoying 'halo' effect?
  2. [after a bit of experimenting] Interesting. That keyboard shortcut doesn't seem to be listed in the Help files, but it does appear to do what you said, carl123. Thanks!
  3. Affinity Photo noob here. The problem I'm having with frame text: AP wants to convert frame text to a group of curves. I can understand why someone might want to replace the glyphs of text with the curves that describe those glyphs—I've even done that myself, from time to time, with other software—but I want to be the one who decides when that happens. And I find it irritating that AP just kinda does that. How can I persuade AP not to spontaneously convert frame text to grouped curves?
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