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  1. While working in an eight page zine, with a large amount of text, Publisher crashes quite often. I started out on a 10 year old iMac, then moved to a newer HP Windows machine and got the same results. It mostly happens as I am applying styles, or making adjustments after applying said styles. I was able to get the work done and over to the printer, long after the deadline, and after having to change a lot of fonts. This did not happen until 1.10
  2. I am trying the latest beta to see if that fixes things ... and it did not.
  3. Over the last couple of days Publisher has randomly crashed as I was working with text. Today it did it quite frequently and now when I try to select text I cannot see that it is actually selected. I am on deadline and don't know what to do, other than switch to a windows machine and buy that version. Not so happy right now! I have attached the file on which I have been working, if that helps. V2I6a.afpub
  4. I have tried everything i have found to make my margins come back. I have checked and unchecked and rechecked again the Show Margins command. Margins were there when I first opened the document this morning. Then suddenly they disappeared. Nothing I have found seems to answer the question. In fact, the only show command that seems to work is Show Grid. When I double or triple click in a text box nothing happens until i toggle preview mode. What have I done wrong? Help!
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