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  1. @Sean P Thanks, and I absolutely support you prioritizing issues like this - it's gonna lead to a lot more use and recommendation of the app in the long run.
  2. Facing a new issue. Sharing as an image from the Export page crashes the app and I lose all my progress. It gives the impression that I can’t really trust the app with my work. Additionally, settings for different tools behave unpredictably, and overall it seems to have an unnecessarily hard to learn interface. Losing hours of work unexpectedly is a total dealbreaker though, making the app a non-starter if I want to do any serious work. So I strongly urge the team to focus on stability and usability. I’m going to keep the app because of the value compared to monthly subscriptions. Not be
  3. Hi I just bought affinity designer on iPad, and I couldn’t find how to locate the midpoint of a line or edge, without drawing more geometric shapes. I’m coming from Figma, which has this feature and I use it all the time. Also, how can I know what the sub-options of each tool do? Pressing the question mark button only shows labels for the main interface not the tool-specific buttons.
  4. @Dan C Hi, is there any update on this? It seems I cannot multi select easily without this context menu, and I would also like to be able to use the rotate center tool. The lack of this panel is strange to me, since Photo on Mac has it. I like using the rest of the app though!
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