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  1. Thank you. That's definitely it. Should I use RGB16 or RGB8? Do the printers tend to prefer CMYK over RGB?
  2. Not sure why this is happening, but when I drag and drop a png into Affinity Publisher, the colours change slightly. Please see images for a comparison (photoshop is the original, Affinity is the changed colour):
  3. Ah I see. I was hoping they would be available from the publisher. It's strange that you can access Designer from publisher but you can't access the pixel tools once you enter Designer from publisher. It works when I launch the program from Designer, but can't seem to access the pixel tools when I enter designer from Publisher. If I got APhoto, would I be able to access the pixel tools from publisher?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Ok. I have both Apublisher and ADesigner, couldn't see the marquee tool or pixel persona in either. Do I need to purchase APhoto to have access to pixel editing tools?
  5. Hello, I can't find how to use the marquee selection tool in affinity designer. I read a forum that said to switch to the pixel person, but I cannot see this option in the persona drop down menu. According to the forum post, the option to switch should be here or in the file drop down menu. How do I access this feature?
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