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  1. @Seneca, after messing around I did find that @MickRose did in fact show me how to do it all. its was just a little messing around and just discovering the language and where all the tools are placed. Thank you.
  2. fde101, thank you so much! that was exactly what i was looking for for one of the issues i was having. do you know how i can insert images without them getting distorted inside the image frame box? for example, I need to create a layout with picture frames, once i create them, I insert the images, but they get distorted or stretched, so i have to select each individual image and find the "original size" tab to fix it. I have been looking all over Affinity Designer for this button to be on my tool bar or to create a keyboard shortcut, but I have found no success.
  3. Ok, so I've used InDesign for over 10 years, specifically for creating Wedding Books in the Photography industry. I love how Affinity combines all 3 of their software components into Publisher. But there are a few things that I think would be very simple additions that I actually rely heavily on but are difficulty in Affinity Publisher. 1. When using the Picture Frame rectangle tool and resizing stretching to fit a grid actually also stretches the image upon placement. in Indesign, I just create a box and divide it to as many images i need to place and just click to insert. But in Affinity Designer, you have to create each frame individually. If you create (let's say 3 frames) to go across a page, they have to be perfectly sized otherwise, if you create all 3 frames and then stretch to fill, once the images are placed, they will appear stretched. 2. Resizing Picture Frames AFTER you have placed the images the left side of the frame stays in place as the right side moves according to your pointer. this is annoying because then the frames overlap into each other. 3 Fill Frame Proportionally would also be a very strong tool, I don't see it available. I do however see "Size Frame to content" and a few more options under "properties," but none of which are usable for what i need it for. 4. Distribute Horizontal Centers would be a simple addition. I can see the align postilions, but something like this where I want to align my Images proportionally and centered is not available, and if it is, it is not easy found. 5. The "Gap Tool" is a very neat feature that would be awesome to see in Affinity Designer, that would solve many of my issues mentioned above. Maybe it's just me and as I keep using Affinity Publisher I will get used to the workflow. Just those simple items would make Affinity Publisher that much more stronger.

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