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    Unexpected slowdown Affinity Photo

    Thanks , working on both. The first remedy seems to help a little, the second I had done already. Right now running a major maintenance of my Hard Drives. Looking at the speed ?? it can face all day. Regardless : Affinity Photo Rocks !!! :-) Jacob
  2. I often blend layers , for some reason the blend indication in the Layers and the Live mask are different. As you can se it says 'Darker Colour' & 'Normal' at the same time. See image Is this 'normal' ?
  3. After months working with great pleasure creating huge panoramic files ( around 2 Gb each) Affinity Photo suddenly starts to slow down with almost very task. In general my images contain about 15 layers: 3 pixel layers and up to 12 adjustment layers. Maxed-out Mac Mini i7 ( 500 gB SSD HD , 1 Tb Hd , 16 Gb Ram ) - OS-X 10.9 . Affinity version Photo version 1.42 Other applications run fine. I tried to solve with restarts etc. Is there a cache that Affinity uses that might be 'full'? Or any other suggestion?
  4. I have come across a very strange issue which initially was not there and suddenly happens all the time. When I have multiple images open : I have ben wiring on one image - switch to another application to use that image [in my case PanoTour by Kolor] - when I go back to the same image the layers of another image that is already open in the background are visible in the layers window. Then I go the the image to which those layers belong - then go to the image I was working on and the correct layers are visible in the layers window. It repeats now all the time. The images are all about 700 Mb in size and contain up to about 10 layers.
  5. Well the subject tells it all : Make chafing the brush size a very nifty and much more intuitive operation like Adobe Lightroom can do. J.

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