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  1. Hello Carlos, my solution for the topic was this way: In the preferences the colour mode was set to CMYK. For every document I create my own colour palette / colour selection chart. There I define C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=100 with the CMYK fader and create it as a colour field. Then everything works on my system, also when I have colour images in my document. When I define K=100 with the greyscale fader it is always splitted in 4 colours. This also happend to greyscale pictures, created years ago in Photoshop. I had to open them in Affinity Photo, set them to "black and white" and then to convert them into CMYK to see the result ... with this routine, they came back to black only. Hope this helps a little.
  2. Okay I understand! That seems to be the standard way ... I learned in the 80-ies "Lithograph - Reproretoucheur" in Germany ... with typo raster on film and chemical fluids for adapting colours and to make some corrections. So I am very familiar to work on CMYK! There I know, what I do ... I have not that look and feel with RGB ... So: I have a sRGB pic in Affinity Foto and work on it, selecting in the adaption/transfoming panel "Gradation Curves" and there the CMYK-Mode ... will this be good, when I leave the pic in sRGB? If yes I will try it next time. Thank you!
  3. One more question - sorry! When I don't use Adobe Acrobat Pro - is there another Application for Mac to check my PDF - printing settings, marks, colours and so on - before I send it to the Print Shop? Just for this and maybe without a monthly payment license ... or is in this case no alternative App on the market? If you have a recommendation I would be happy.
  4. Thanks for your answers, Joachim and Lagarto! The problem appeared in case my Laserprinter rasterized K:100% ... the last time I did such a job (brochure) have been around 10 years ago ... there with InDesign and before with QuarkXPress ... now I have a new iMac, new System and very old licenses ... so I decided check Affinity Publisher ... I do such jobs maybe once or twice a year ... so I don't have a seamless calibration of scanner, iMac and Printer. As the printer rasterized K:100%, I told this my Print Shop ... and they got this habit too. I realized that I was not familiar with the colour field panel. Now I have created a colour palette/sample board for the dokument with fix global colours and checked every text in the whole document. Also I checked all pictures and set two accidently left RGBs to CMYK - also "Greyscale-pics", because "greyscale" was exported with 4 colours. In case of time pressure such things happened to me ... in my normal life I have serious daytime job. After I have all this checked and selected the export settings in this way, this is the result in the PDF document. Anyway: the printer is going on to rasterize K:100% ... but if it works for the Print Shop this time, it's okay for me. The Problem with the PDF Export in a "PDF/X-..." format I checked the point you asked me, Lagarto. No other Applications are open. Maybe the brochure is too big with 36 pages and around 97 MB for this PDF setting ... with the other setting "PDF (ready for print)" it works. So I think, I will start a new topic/question. For this point: Many thanks for your help and your answers!
  5. Update: It is not possible to export a PDF in any "PDF/X..." format. See attached screenshot of the error message. So I cannot give you a page to compare with my default Print setting. But I can give you a page of my actual PDF, exported with "PDF (for Print)", also attached as "Festschrift_50_ ..." . And I add a screenshot of my PDF-Export panel. And: Sorry for my bad English and some missunderstandings ... Thanks, H. P. Festschrift_50_print-5_page-5.pdf
  6. Many thanks for your answer, Lagarto. My problem is: I am German and my English is not good enough to understand all the specialized terminology in English ... My printing shop told me to work with "Euroscale coated v2", and so I prepared all my pictures in CMYK and transfered them in Affinty Photo to this profile. But if I understand you right, Affinty is embeding bad/wrong profiles ... ??? I checked all Text and all lines and set them to CMYK 100 % K. So the settings should be okay so far. But I don't understand the preferences/settings of Publisher, especially in the colour-management. There is an option to link the profiles or to replace ... replacing the profile of the pics (maybe that meens "embeding") is everytime active, when I open the document / maybe Layout preferences/settings in the same document again ... it seems, Publisher does not remember my settings ... or do some changing somethings ... feels little strange. So: I don't have Adobe Acrobat Pro. So I can not check, what Affinity Publisher really is doing with colours ... and I also don't have InDesign on my new iMac - that all seems to be a bit too expensive for me, when I do such a job once a year. For my PDF-Export I selected the setting "PDF (for print)". You recommend "PDF/X-1a:2003", so I will check this out. When I understand you in the right way, I shall not use a colour profile for printing when I export my brochure as a PDF. For the colour space I can select "as in document", the same for colour profile. I did so but no change of the result. When I select printing marks, then suddenly the general preset "PDF/X-1a:2003" disappears in the dialog window - but I can choose the preset for compatibility. Do you have any experiences with the preset "PDF/X4"? And what means the point "Screen" and I can select "nothing", "all" or "not supported features/attributes" (I try to translate the german terms. Thanks for your Ideas!
  7. Hello! I am making a brochure with 36 pages. I have text in 100 % K, all pictures are set as TIF in CMYK and I use a printing profile "Euroscale coated V2". In my Publisher document the colour of the text is 100 % K - but unfortunately not in the PDF. The "Help-Section" does not help me to avoid this change of the Text colour. What do I wrong ... or what shall I do? I have an iMac 27', Retina 5K, 2019 with 16 GB RAM, macOS Mojave 10.14.6 an Affinity Publisher 1.7.3 Unfortunately this topic is very urgent. Hope anybody can help me. Thank you. H. P.
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