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  1. Okay, I was able to use tab and the Ansicht menu to get the sidebar and toolbar back. Thank you! That was really scary. Maybe you find a way that on start up of the application the studio panels should not be hidden.
  2. I have used Affinity Designer in the past. When I try to open it today — update to 1.9.0 happened automatically since my last usage — the program starts normally and the Info box is shown, but the entire window is then shown in black. Menu is show correctly. I removed Affinity Designer and installed it again via App Store, but still problem exist. I can start a new file using File > New... but still then all of the icons for tools are missing.
  3. I have create a visualization in Affinity Designer (actually created a new document from clipboard of a PowerPoint drawing. In Affinity everything looks fine. But if I export it to SVG and open in in Chrome or open the SVG file in Affinity Designer again, it looks like the following. Morseschlüssel.afdesign Morseschlüssel.svg
  4. Thank you very much! Is it possible to have it as a vector brush, because I would like to have it as a SVG vector image at the end.
  5. Yes, exactly! How have you done this? Can you share the Affinity Designer file?
  6. For a scouting handbook I would like to draw some step-by-step guide for creating certain knots. Like the one attached. Is there a way to create brush in Affinity Designer to draw the rope? Any idea? Best regards, Holger
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