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  1. Hello dutchshader, That seems to be the best way to do it, thank you
  2. Hello firstdefence, Thank you for the video, that's actually how I did it, but it feels more like a "hack" than a "clean" way to do it, maybe I'm wrong ? The only thing with that method is the points that have nothing to do there, can I be sure that if I delete them my circle will stay a perfect cicrcle ? I talk here about the two lowest of the screen, but the one in red at the top left has nothing to do there too. Thanks again !
  3. Hello John, What exactly do you mean by deselecting the curves ? Hello Dan, On my screenshots, they were not in full pixels only when selected together, each object selected separately is on full pixels. But ok, I got it, and in this case, what if I need to make a logo with my own custom grid, without regarding the pixels, say for example that I need the top left corner of my little circle to be at the exact center of the bigger circle, this is not about pixels, right ? How am I supposed to do then ? Thank you for you time by the way EDIT : I just tried again, and this time I was regarding to the pixels, but the prooblem is still here
  4. Hi everyone, I'm creating this topic because of an issue I have with Affinity Designer. Let me show you an example on the last project I had to work on. I have two circles who are curves, and I want the part of the smaller circle who is outside the bigger to disappear. . Here's how I tried to do that : 1/ I duplicate them (because I'll need them again later), hide the first ones and and divide the new ones with a boolean operation. 2/ I delete the part that I don't need. 3/ And finally, I combine them with the "Add" boolean oparation. And, there is my problem. I still have a small space between them, we can see it a little on the last screenshot, but let me show it to you with a zoom. How can I avoid this ? The spaces are here, they are real and can be seen at almost every level of zoom, even more if I apply a gradient on it (bad luck, this logo is with a gradient lol). A last screenshot that will maybe help you help me : As you can see, the two "levers" that allow me to change the curve are not exactly at the same position, I think that my problem will be solved if they were, but why aren't they ? Thanks a lot to those who will at last try to help me, that's a problem who completely prevents me to work on logo projects with Affinity Designer. Chris
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