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  1. I would also dearly love to see support for color SVG fonts in the Affinity suite. It's a shame to have to switch to competing products to use them.
  2. @DWright, I have attached a minimal document to reproduce the issue. Steps: Export to PDF Change Area from "All Spreads" to "All Pages" Immediately throws error Leave Area on "All Spreads" Exports fine MinimalAnchorIssueReproduction.afpub
  3. I can now confirm that it's the same with my 72 page finished book. The document setup was for facing pages, and the moment I try to export as single pages with hyperlinks, the anchor links cause the export to error. If I export as spreads, it works. Unfortunately it's not as simple as switching the document setup before export, as that removes all the masters from the right hand pages.
  4. I believe I have zero'ed in on the problem further, thanks to this post also, and some experimentation. I do my layout in spreads (Document Setup > Facing pages). When I export with hyperlinks, and change to "All Pages" in the export dialog, it throws an error. However, if I switch the layout to single page (i.e. uncheck Facing pages in Document Setup) and then export (at which point, it defaults to "All pages" anyway), it works fine! So there seems to be a bug when exporting hyperlinks with anchors when the document setup facing pages doesn't match the "Area" in the export to PDF dialog. I will try tonight if switching before exporting also lets me export on my big, finished file. If so, this may be a good workaround until the bug is fixed.
  5. Thanks DWright, I've made an interesting discovery! When I use that preset as is, it exports fine. But when I use the preset and change the area from "All Spreads" to "All Pages" (which is what I need, and would expect most people to need by default), it throws the error.
  6. Hey folks, I've got a Publisher document with several anchors (14 in a glossary style table, all on page 8) and a bunch of hyperlinks throughout, pointing to them. When I export to PDF, I get a generic error towards the end of the export process, as in the attached screenshot. However, if I uncheck the "include hyperlinks" option in the PDF export, it comes out just fine, so it's definitely hyperlink related. I ran into the same issues during Publisher's beta, and at the time I simply changed my hyperlinks from anchors to page numbers and it worked fine, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that anymore. I'm on the latest version (1.7.3) on macOS Mojave (10.14.6). Does someone have any idea how I could try to debug this issue? I can upload my file somewhere if needed. Frank.
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