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  1. Hi there, I was asked to post my question from Twitter here. I have been wanting to move my workflow to the iPad Pro, have your software, but am not finding using the Pen tool in Affinity Photo as giving me the crisp selection that I have come to expect in Photoshop. In Photoshop on my Mac, when I outline an object with the pen tool, convert it to a selection with a slight feather and then copy and paste it into a new layer – I get a pristine, crisp selection of exactly what I wanted. On Affinity Photo on the iPad when I went to do the same thing, when I asked it to be created on a new layer with mask. There was noise/pixels that were outside of the pen selection, that were in the new layer. Why? What would be causing this? If I am choosing an exact line for the selection why would anything outside that selection be included? Kind of defeats the purpose, and I don't find smart selection – On Affinity or Photoshop – to be as effective. Thanks! Brendan

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