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  1. I tried it after installation 5 times, after forum-thread 2 times and after your first answer again.... for around 3 hours or so.... Out of memory seams wrong, because i opened one more app (GIMP), not less since last try.... but now it works... let's see how long.
  2. I installed GIMP in the meantime, because i needed a tool.... now Photo works.... maybe the GIMP-Installer changed something relevant? Did nothing in between, not even a reboot or so...
  3. Here it is... 3b87c9cd-766d-450b-a482-ba88d8cb88af.dmp
  4. It is an Intel HD 620 with newest driver.
  5. Every Open of a picture or "new" cause a crash without every error message. What can i do? (Photo on Windows)

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