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  1. This happens with every picture or document that I work on, with any layer. I think I figured out how to save the crash report. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v2cqc6vl3dog6c2/AABGLLv8SPZ3B9dXkm_-1UGwa?dl=0
  2. Attached are screen recordings of the app crashes. IMG_0313.MP4 IMG_0314.MP4
  3. I do have content in the layers studio. I’m trying to save the crash report but it’s just saving as a blank photo. I’m not sure what to do from here. Will there be an update soon? Not being able to access adjustments is a huge inconvenience for me.
  4. This is for iPad Pro 12.9, iPadOs. Version 1.7.3 Every time I scroll through the adjustments on any picture or document that I’m working on, even new documents, the app crashes right when I scroll past the recolor adjustment. The app also crashes right past threshold on the top adjustment menu. To replicate, open any document and scroll through adjustments right past the recolor adjustment. I never had this issue before.
  5. The app crashes every time I scroll through adjustments. Is there any fix?

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