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  1. Gabe, unfourtunatly (or fortunately??) Deleted the app, then reinstalled. This resulted I a loss of my files, which is had not backed up to iCloud... then I ended up doing a restore on my iPad to before I did the iOS upgrade and reinstalled affinity and my files and now the problem is not showing, the filter and effects layers are working properly again. It is a good news/bad news story. Thank you for offering to help. if the problem crops up again I will do a video of the behaviour as you suggested. thanks again.
  2. I updated to iPad OS 13.1.3 recently and now when I try to apply a filter (live or not) to a layer, the filter does not appear on the layer. So once a new filter is applied the effect is there but it cannot be undone, deleted or even seen on the layers slide out. Old filters show properly.

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