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  1. Perfect. Thanks Walt and PaulEC, this will make the CloneBrush much more useable. I'll experiment with the Alt click to reset position in aligned mode and see if that allows me to set its relative position.
  2. Yes, Walt that did the trick. Can you explain why I would want the aligned option on, and perhaps how to reset the position of the 'aligned' + for those times when I could want to do cloning like that? Thanks
  3. Whenever I use the Clone Brush Tool to clone over a larger area, rather than just single clonings, the selector cross drags along (usually an inch or so lower in frame) and makes a new clone point and image. Is there a setting I can use that will allow me to clone one section.image and reuse it over and over?
  4. Great! I knew it was going to be possible and easy to do. I'm very glad to have gone with Affinity! Thanks for the quick and easy answer
  5. I'm still learning Affinity, but as yet I haven't come across a clear method for making an Xray image or reverse b/w or reverse color. If there's already a tutorial, please call me an idiot and link me. Otherwise, if anyone has an idea of how to do this, I'd really appreciate your expertise. Thanks for your help DaveAnyc
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