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  1. Well, is this not the roadmap for Affinity Designer and not Affinity Photo ? :) Anyway, may thanks for your very clear answers!
  2. Hi, Thanks for you clear answer :) Is this on the roadmap and if yes do we have any insight about the timeframe you think to add it?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to replace Photoshop with Affinity Photo, but I'm kind of stuck in my process right now. I've read smart objects are on the roadmap, but I'm trying to figure out if I can just use the current feature allowing to embed an image. So let's say I want to make a basic compositing with two pictures in the same file. I have "placed" my two picture A and B, on the left and the right side, and grouped them. Now I have duplicated that group, switched A and B to get B on the left and A on the right. I there any means to have A replaced in both group if I "replace image" ?