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  1. Case solved! After days of trying to find what's best, I realize that "Pixel" mask helps a lot when it comes to this.
  2. I use ROBLOX to upload images as part of developing UI Designs into the User Interface.
  3. I always upload it on PNG. There's no difference from other image files I don't consider exporting it to.
  4. It's that when I upload an UI from Adobe XD, the website I uploaded it from doesn't add an alpha mask, creating no white shadows around the UI. However, doing it on Affinity Designer causes it to form white shadows, with alpha mask.
  5. I see that the website I uploaded it from creates an alpha mask causing it to create white shadows around the image
  6. Nope. It doesn't help. I don't even put strokes on. It's how the cloud website I uploaded it from just filters it.
  7. When I upload to the cloud this happens Adobe XD: Affinity Designer: *The sizes may be different from the two images* How can I export it to the cloud perfectly without getting the fringes/white shadows on the image I export?
  8. Usually when I make my UI, I get white shadows that I don't add when it's uploaded to the cloud and then when I see my uploaded UI image, I see it. How can I overcome this issue and remove it? I know Adobe XD doesn't have this sort of issue when you export the UI design.
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