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  1. Thanks. I hope they add those presets. Almost all other applications have them.
  2. Hello, I'm Marie-Louise, a conceptual fashion photographer (Portfolio here) who does all the retouching by myself, because I want full control over the final result. I just started to try Affinity Photo on my first beauty editorial project to see whether it can replace Photoshop. I'd like to report all my findings here and maybe somebody has a solution or it can be used as an idea to improve the product. I will not mention all the good stuff of Affinity (and there are a lot of them), but just focus on the things to improve). RAW file import Missing presets for white balance: I need to be able to choose from presets (e.g. flash, sunlight). The only available tool seems to be a color picker and manual controls. (critical) Sharpening: I can't see a control for sharpening. In Photoshop there's a dedicated control for RAW sharpening. I always turn this off, so if I get confirmation that there is no sharpening applied, I'm happy. (critical) Exposure warnings: In PS you can enable/disable exposure warnings directly in the histogram. Are there exposure warnings in Affinity? (critical) Those issues above are critical and therefore I'm currently using Capture One to do the RAW conversion. General usability Scrolling in panels: It's not possible to scroll the layers or protocol list using the pen as the handle is not visible. I have to switch to the mouse. (high) Foreground/background colors: Photoshop has the foreground/background color selection/switcher tool at the bottom of the tools panel. It uses very little space compared to full blown color panel of Affinity Photo. (medium) Layers panel context actions: Photoshop has a button to show the context menu (e.g. to merge layers). In Affinity Photo I have to switch from my pen to the mouse to right click. Actually, the whole user interface should be accessible without the right mouse button as I don't want to program the buttons on my pen. (high) Duplication of a layer: Photoshop allows to duplicate a layer by draging it onto the "Add new layer" button. I find this very handy. (minor) Zoom slider: Photoshop has the zoom slider bellow the preview in the navigator. This is better, because I'm obstructing the preview with my hand while changing the zoom level in Affinity Photo. (I'm using a Wacom Cintiq tablet). (minor) Opacity of 0% is useless: the lowest opacity should be 1%. This sounds a bit nit-picking, but I often use an opacity of 1%, but sometimes miss the correct position and it's actually on 0%. Only after some time I notice that the tool actually does nothing... (minor) This is it for now, I will add more when things come up... Marie-Louise

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